2024 Quinnipiac Car Club Spring Show

It Gets Confusing Defining What’s A Show, A Cruise, A Rally, Etc.

HARWINTON, CT – It has taken dozens hours to compile the 2024 CT Car Show Calendar and the listing of 2024 CT Car Cruises for this website. The job is isn’t finished, either, as organizers continue to announce dates and/or send requests to be included.

One request that arrived a few days ago was like so many others as it presented a dilemma regarding how to list it. Under shows in the calendar or on the cruises page? The goal is to accurately portray each event for readers, but it sometimes gets confusing.

As a result, and for the sake of clarity, RIDE-CT has come up with some definitions:

What’s a show?

With rare exceptions, RIDE-CT has defined a show as a once year gathering during daylight hours on weekends – between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday – where an entry fee is charged and trophies are awarded.

A majority of these events benefit a charity and may or may not have rules for entry. Exceptions include one-time-only evening events of magnitude and shows that occur at the same location more than once but not on a weekly or monthly basis.

These events appear on the 2024 CT Car Show Calendar page.

2024 Spring Fling Rally at Compo Beach

What’s a Cruise?

A cruise is generally a weekly or monthly gathering of car enthusiasts, usually on a weekend morning (before noon) or weekday evening (after 4 p.m.) at the same location. It might be at a drive-in (restaurant or movie), vineyard or coffee shop. There’s likely no entry fee and no trophies, just an assembly of like minded car enthusiasts.

These events are listed by city and town on the 2024 CT Car Cruises page.

What’s a Rally or a Meet?

Events that are given other labels, such as rally or meet, are posted on whichever page is more appropriate.

The request that arrived a few days ago came from a restaurant in New Milford asking that its events be listed in the car show calendar. The request contained four evening events, all on Saturday nights, so it got included on the cruises page.

RIDE-CT is always looking for ways to make content more accessible for readers. Suggestions are welcomed. Now, please excuse me as I shift a few events from one page to another now that some rules have been declared…

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