Tesla Devotee Talks About His 2024 Cybertruck (with Video)

SANDISFIELD, MA – Following a 4½-year wait after placing a reservation, Brad Barber of Otis, MA finally took delivery of a 2024 Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup in May, and he’s been hearing about it ever since. 

“It’s crazy. People are sticking their heads out the window. Almost dangerous on the highway. The reactions are incredible, and people have been wonderful when you stop, ‘Hey, can I take a look?’ etcetera. You feel like an ambassador to Tesla, which I’m just an owner,” he said Sunday afternoon while showing off his Cybertruck at a car show at the New Boston Inn.

Brad Barber at the wheel of his 2024 Tesla Cybertruck

Barber is a serious devotee of Tesla. “Well, I’m on my fourth Tesla. I love the idea of electric – a transformative technology, and going through the various cycles from the S, the 3 and the Y,  I wanted to step up. One, to have a truck and, two, to keep the electric theme going,” he said.

“I put a reservation in 4½ years ago – in November of 2019 – and was fortunate enough to be one of the early birds with the Foundation series.”

The futuristic Cybertruck has a bulky look and polarizing styling. It’s seemingly a love it or hate it model. 

“For me, it’s a love it. And what I find is when people are looking at YouTube videos, etcetera, there’s a love-hate, but so far I haven’t found a hater in the wild; in the real world for people that see it. Kids, people of all ages, men, women, generally it’s thumbs up.”

 Barber said the Cybertruck is fine out on the road. 

“It drives like a Tesla, so it drives like a wonderful, on air sports car with great handling. It doesn’t feel like a 6,700-pound truck that tows 12,500 pounds and has a payload of 6,500 pounds. It drives like a sports car, and you can adjust the suspension up and down, and soft, and all kinds of opportunities for that.”

Unlike other Cybertruck examples, which have been plagued by issues since the model’s release in December, Barber said his has been largely problem-free.

“So far, I’ve only had one issue and I have a service call next week. It’s the windshield wiper. Fluid is not coming out the wiper. There’s usually some disconnect inside. Otherwise it’s been pristine,” he said.

Watch RIDE-CT’s YouTube video on the Tesla Cybertruck…

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