Pricey New Corvette Z06 Falls Off Dealer’s Lift

The identity of the dealer isn’t known, but a video posted on Sept. 15 on YouTube by Jason Grubb shows a bright red 2024 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 tumbling from a lift in the store’s service department. It provides a lesson for all Chevy dealers. The mid-engine model has its weight distributed much differently from the front engine Corvette models from the past.

Grubb only has only 159 subscribers on YouTube as this is being written, but the video has a hefty 254,404 views in six days.

Seeing the Corvette fall and sustain damage during its pre-delivery inspection will make any car lover sick to their stomach. The Z06 has starting price of $112,295. However, demand for the model can boost the price by tens of thousands of dollars. Imagine being the dealership that had to call the buyer with the bad news. And who knows how long the process will take if a replacement is required, as is likely the case.

Upon a closer look, the video shows one of the arms of the lift ripping through the side of the Corvette. The rear is slammed to the concrete as well. The only good news is that no one was injured.

The website Carscoops, which was first to post the video, says there have been two examples of Corvettes being dropped in recent years. While the video has now been posted in several places online, it is shared here just in case RIDE-CT readers missed it.

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